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[30 Mar 2005|11:45am]
[ mood | tired ]

monday was fun. i went to the mall with jenny. hah. fun times. she was talking about this guy and said that boy was unbelievebly handsome and i was drinking and ended up spitting all over her. then we went into the limited and there were sensors out in the open, and i went into the dressing room and i showed her a shirt and she got down on the ground and put a sensor on my jacket. so i had to go to the lady and ask her to take the sensor off. i was so angry. haha. it was funny though. and i had so much fun. then we came back to my house for a little while. i got my new phone :):) hotness lol. then chelsea came over, and that was fun. haha. we had fun times. we went to ihop. and there was this really cute guy that was there. lol. hott. anyways. then we went to blockbuster and there was nothing there. it sucked. so we just came back to my house and just talked the rest of the night. and i was just being stupid as usual :). she gave me my present ;) hottness shirt. i can't wait to wear it. lol. anyways. then the next morning we woke up, and i took my shower and we walked to taco bell. ha. she got mud on her flip-flops and we had to go to kmart to clean them. it was funny though. then we went in there. and ate. and we walked the longer way back. which wasnt that bad lol. then she went home and i took a nap and watched veronica mars. hot. today which was also my BIRTHDAY :) which was fun. alicia came over. and we walked to meet jenny half-way. and i got my bracelet from her. it was so cute. and we walked home. and i ordered pizza. and i thought it would be funny if we put ducks in an s.o.s signal. haha. it was funny. then we got hte pizza and watched some of radio. during radio we tried stapling our hair together. then we changed oue mind and decided to staple our pants pockets together. first front to front. then back to back. then front to back. none of them worked. but it was funny though. then we thought we could hot glue our butts together, but decided not to. hah. fun times. fun times. :) and then we went to guadalaharas. hah i suck at spelling. :). anyways. haha we were telling kathy and alicia all about stupid things i have done with jenny. hah fun times. then we went home. and i took a little nap. this was such a great day. nothing could have made it better <3333 love all of you guys <3333

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[28 Mar 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | tired ]

now that my journal is hot sex thanx to chelsea, my twin!!! <333. it is gorgeous. hehe. anyways...well... i haven't updated in over a year. hah. so sad. so sad...since everyone is using it again...i decided i would too. hah. well spring break has been alright actually. Friday i went to see Guess Who with tara. fun times. then i came home and watched some C.S.I. then saturday i woke up and went to Jen's house. it was fun. hah. us marching :) then i came home and my mom brought me home a soft taco my new obsession is mexican food haha. :) love it so much. then i went to taras house. and we watched some of the notebook. then we went to farm fresh. and we cracking up the whole time hah. and there was this cute guy that worked there. he was funny too :) hah. fun times. then we went home and finished the notebook. and we made some JIFFY POP and this time we didnt almost burn the house down haha. then we cut off supermans hand. and that was the funniest thing. we recorded it too :). then we went and watched mad tv...gosh it has turned into a really corny show. we talked for about an hour after that and went to sleep. we woke up and she had to go to work...so i got dropped off at my house. and sat around for about an hour and went to Jessicas house hah. we are so retarded. and i stayed there. and now i am at home. and i am figuring out what i am doing the rest of the week...my b-day= 3 days away :):)

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updates... [07 Mar 2005|09:59pm]
well i havent updated in like forever!!! haha. well the week after jen's party i went to bradleys... that was awesome too. i tried out for soccer... didnt make it. she let be manager which isnt that bad. :-/ i kinda like it. they treat like i am part of the team and all so thats always good.
i dunno really what else to say lol.

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[16 Feb 2005|09:55pm]

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hah i am so cool. but i think that its a lie lol

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my awesome weekend [16 Jan 2005|03:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well i havent updated in awhile. so basically i have been staying after for soccer. coming home and sleeping. and school.

well this weekend was so funny haha. me and my twin went to Williamsburg. first i went over there. saw her new house :). its pretty, then we got ready to leave. and we went to the hotel changed and went to the outlets. i got some really cute stuff. :). then we went back to the hotel and went to the excercise room and got on treadmills. then went to the pool. and we went on the internet. and this weirdo stalker guy wouldnt leave us alone. it was so weird. but anyways. then we went upstairs for a little while. watched a movie. ate. went back downstairs. to the excersise room. and the weirdo guy came in there. he was creepy. then we went back upstairs. i mooned people from the place. and it was hilarious. because i was like falling off the vent cuz i was scared i was gunna fall through. but then it turned out to be part of a wall. lol. then i took a shower. and came out and everything. then we were majorly bored. and started playing i spy. entertaining for the first 3 minutes. then we saw these people who left there trash outside of there room. so i said we should go do something to them. so we hung a tampon from there door. it was so funny. i was like dieing. then we went to the third floor and did the same thing but we put makeup on it and it was to funny. then we went back upstairs and tryed to order pizza for someone we didnt know. but it was like 1 so it was closed. then we went to sleep. and this morning the tampon was gone from the door so we did it again. and then we put a used bar out of soap outside of there door. and i like crawled up to it. and it was funny cuz if they looked out the hole they could see me. and then it like banged on the door and i ran away so fast. it was so funny. then we ordered pizza and had it sent to there room. but we left before it came. omg i was laughing so hard. hahaha. <33 my twin. it was an entertaining weekend. lol. :) now i want something to do tonight or tomorrow. :) so someone should call me

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[11 Jan 2005|07:28pm]
such great heightsCollapse )

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[05 Jan 2005|04:07pm]
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NY [31 Dec 2004|03:16am]
lets see. NY was aight. i cried like everyday. i think i was PMSing horribly or sumthing. haha worst time ever up there. haha. but christmas was aight. i dont feel like typing everything i did because i didnt do much. but ya. lets see for christmas i got my PINK mini ipod. which is mad hot. i already d/l music and shit on it. haha. umm.. THUG2. blank cds. money from milton. umm a shower radio. which is hot cuz i always wanted one :). umm.. the macy's stuffed animal of course. and umm we went shopping of course. got like 4 pairs of pants. two belts from Charlotte Russe. and then i went to Delia's and hot 2 really cute shirts. and i went to Forever 21 got a cute shirt from there. and i wanted this really cute jacket for like 20 dollar. i loved it. but w/e. i got these really cute slippers from Pac-sun. and there was this really cute shirt. but it was like 10 million dollars. ha. my mom is prolly takin me shoppin this weekend. hopefully there will still be some sales. i hope so. so
happy to be home though :)

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a long week [20 Dec 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

::last sat.:: went shopping with Ricky <3 BFF. i got my grandparents, parents, uncle, and rickys present while i was there. it was fun. i miss chillin with him. then my mom came to get us. and we went to hechts. and i got a really cute jacket. and some shirts. they are really cute <3. then we dropped him off at home.
::sunday:: didnt do much. i think i did something. i cant remember what though. haha. prolly just sat around the house though.
::monday:: school. which sucks. got my haircut. got bangs :). i look so cute. <3. then went home. took some pixs for my LJ. then did h/w and went to bed
::tuesday:: stayed after for Soccer Conditioning. of course. im getting better. whoo. haha. i was freezing though.
::wednesday:: stayed after with Bradley for math. we walked around for awhile. messed with jerry who stayed after with us. haha. that was funny. then i came home. and didnt do very much
::thursday:: stayed after for soccer conditioning. we ran the block. and i think i did really good. with dayna as my running buddy. shes awesome. then i had to wait for the bus. and the guy kicked us off and made us ride a diff bus. stupid dude. haha. then i came home did homework and talked to bradley.
::friday:: came home and didnt do anything cuz i suck
::saturday:: had a fun NIGHT! <3 went to megans sweet 16 on the Spirit of Norfolk. it was awesome. i went with francesca. and i think it was an awesome partay. there was this weird guy there that kept trying to dance with us. it was kind of strange. then there was this hot guy at the table behind us it was hot. :) but we were dancing and everything. so it was fun.
::sunday:: opened my presents from my parents since we arent going to be here for xmas. i got a new beach cruiser, seinfeld. and some other stuff. then i went shopping with my twinner. then i went to see a movie with alicia. we saw a series of unfortunate events. whoo the boy in there is hot. he looks like he is 10. but who cares. he is a year younger than me haha. so thats hot. of course. then i came home. and got my makeup from her mommy. <3. then i was just watched seinfeld for awhile. then started on my homework. i had to do my final. then i called bradley. we were talking about the snow. and it started to snow and it was funny haha. then i went to bed
::2day:: woke up at like 5.30 and heard on the radio there was no school. but i called ricky since he called me to see if it was def and it was. NO SCHOOL! <3. but i havent done anything really 2day. except wrap some presents. and i found out i get to go home after 2nd block wednesday. shonda is coming to get me :) whoo. haha. then i am working and going home and getting ready for NY <3 cant wait. then i am not going to school on thursday. i cant wait. it will be awesome.

all i want is you for christmas

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[12 Dec 2004|07:38pm]
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[09 Dec 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | confused ]

::monday:: went to school. then got a call from ricky <333 BFFs. decided to go to Kmart. i got make up. and we got some other shit. then we went and got ryan. then we went to Rickys for a few minutes and i had to go home. then i had dinner. my mom went to the library with my bro. and they got me 2 books. and i just stayed home and listened to music.
::tuesday:: boring day at school. went to conditioning though. i did better than thursday. it was hot. we ran from the school down firefall and to hecate pool. then me and some other people ran back. and everyone else ran like four miles. but w.e. lol. then i just sat around. called my mom. talked to sara and mike until she got there.
::wednesday:: another boring day. got out of school for first two blocks. cuz i went to the Doctors for a physical. stayed after for Math. and jerry was there. havent talked to him in FOREVER. so we finished the h/w. then i just hung outside until like 4.30 just to talk to people
::today:: went to school. got out of each class for like 10 minutes each. god i hate school. just stab me haha. then i stayed after for conditioning. hottness. hungout with sara, jen, and bree. even though it was raining. we did a lot of sprinting in front of the school. so thats hot. then we went inside and changed. saw some people. and just waited for my mom.

i like him

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survey [06 Dec 2004|10:44pm]
baby boy make me lose my breathe ;)Collapse )

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my week [05 Dec 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

::monday:: boring
::tuesday:: boring
::wednesday:: stayed after with Bradley and Amanda <3 them lol
::thursday:: stayed after for soccer conditioning with Lindsay and Bree <3. ran like the whole time. it wasnt that bad... then stayed for girls soccer club with lindsay, bree,and a few other people. then me and lindsay went and got dressed. waited for her mom. and talked to mike. came home coughing heh. sounded like i smoked or sumthing. so my mom thinks i have asthma (sp?) what fun... heh.
::friday:: boring... dont think i did anything except watch tv. heh
::saturday:: Jenny called me to go to the gas station and kmart so we did. then we were hangin out with Ricky, Mark, Blake, Kyle,and Wayne. <3 them. i miss chillen with them. haha. then me and jen went walking around the block came back chilled with them for a little while longer. then went inside to get something to eat. then went back outside for about an hour. came home and got ready for the movies. saw Spongebob. haha it was hilarious. BALD BALD. i have to see it with my twin if we chill this weekend <3. she will <3 it hah. then we came home and just chilled. being stupid. watched Stepmom.
::2day:: got up. got ready. went back to K-mart. very interesting times with Jenny Benny then we came home and just chilled. then her dad came to get her. and alicia came over. we watched 2 eps. of the OC. then she went home and i worked on my Outline and listened to music...

thinkin of you

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[27 Nov 2004|09:13pm]
boys are love
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thats hot because well that is so me haha

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[27 Nov 2004|09:07pm]
wednesday: short day... thats hot. haha. well i came home and took a nap like the whole day. then my mom took me to kohl's and i got some cute boy short underroos. because i am pimp. then i got a pair of pj pants (they are happy bunny) and i got a pair of velour pants.

Thursday: thanksgiving. wasnt that great. woke up early. mom took me to Blockbuster. rented Raising Helen, Sleepover, and Elf. Raising Helen was so cute. it was hot. so was sleepover.

hmm... yesterday my mom took me to target and i got a new straightener. i went to jen's with angie and her. that was interesting as usual. haha. well my twin spent the night last night. we went to see christmas with the kranks... i wanted to die. it was horrible. i wanted to gouge my eyes out haha. but i got to see the hot boys. then we came home and watched the white album. haha. my dad has a wet spot on his pants. that was great. neways... then we went to sleep early which is a first for us haha.

2day was boring after my twin left. i about died. i was complaining all day. haha. my mom wanted to kill me im sure haha. so that was my eventful day hah

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[20 Nov 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

fun stuffCollapse )

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my week [20 Nov 2004|09:34am]
[ mood | happy ]

::last friday::was bored because no one could do anything at like 10 haha.

::last saturday:: alicia came over. we saw Saw. scary movie... but very good <3. then we went to Starbucks <333. Mocha Frappochino yo :) then we went to walmart. and then Farm Fresh. and we got some candy. then we came home. and we watched White Chicks. and then we watched 2 discs of the O.C.

::sunday:: we finishe the 2nd disc. then she had to go home at like 3 so we were just hangin out.

::monday:: boring school day... as usual.
::tuesday:: didnt fdo much. but my mom took me, jen, and my bro to see Seed of Chucky. and we were the only people in the theater. then we went to the library so i could get some research books. then we went to my brothers book fair. and i wrote french on the chalk board in the cafeteria and my brother started like freaking out. it was hilarious.
::wednesday:: came home early after 2nd block cuz i wasnt feeling very good. then i took some pix with my digital camera and talked to my twin cuz she was home. then i got offline and took a nap. and worked on my project.
::thursday:: boring day
::friday:: boring school day. but had an AWESOME time at the movies. angie is the coolest person ever. i <3 her. she rocks. haha. well it was me jen, angie, colleen, matt, willie, and josh and we went to the movies and were supposed to see spongebob but it was sold out. they can suck it haha. then we ended up seeing the grudge. had an awesome time in there. and angie was cracking me up. WHAT THE FUCK?!? all loud. <3. and jen and willie and josh were sitting behind us. and then willie and jen kept kicking our chairs. and throwing popcorn in my hair haha. but when we went to the bathroom i saw the hot lifeguard from OB. and then there was this other hot guy taking tickets. and we were talking to them. then we went back to the movies. and we watched it. and at the end we were just talking to the one taking tickets for like 10 minutes. and it was awesome haha. then we had to leave and josh drove us to tropical smoothie but it was closed. so he drove us back to the movies. and then we went back inside and we saw the lifeguard and we asked him for a quarter. and he didnt have one. and he asked us if we thought the other guy was hot and angie was like i think your hot and then i was like your both hot. then we went outside. and jen... being gay. walked up to some guy and asked if it was her dad. then asked these two people... is my mom in there? and they were like im sure that she is. and they were cracking up. it was so awesome. then angie's brothers friend took us home. and i had an awesome night. <3333 love these people. :)

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homecoming <3 [08 Nov 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

::friday:: well me and ricky are friends again <33 :) YAY! haha Homecoming game... that was alot of fun. hung out with Gabby :) then we were chillin with tony, tom, jerry, and all them. i took brents hat because ya i can haha. watched the halftime. jenny did very good <3 i love her. lol

::saturday:: went to hecht's to get my strapless bra. :) then i came home and took a nap. then i went to get my hair done. i looked so pretty. :) my hair was bone straight. i have never had my hair that straight. it looked hot. i need a new straightener. i think my hair would look better. haha. neways... then i came home got dressed. did my make-up and all that shit. then i went to Gabby's she looked so pretty :) then we went the dance. had an awesome time with ally, andrea, hailey, and Kendra. :) and then i saw the beautiful jenny benny <3 and willie. they look so cute together :). cutest ever haha. neways... i was just dancing the whole time. it was awesome. i took my shoes off. and my thighs still hurt lol. i wanted to dance with someone... but i didnt talk to him at all :-/ kinda sux. i danced with brent because i took his hat the night before lol. and then when we getting ready to leave i saw all the beautiful people :)

::sunday:: didnt really do much. watched that 70's show since i got the 2nd disc finally. then i started the laundry.

::2day:: had an alright day... me and ricky are pretty much back to normal which rocks. :) i came home. and i got a really bad headache and i couldn't go to work cuz i started seeing two of everything. it sucked... and i am trying to talk to my mom about the beach house... but she is being gay... because i dunno. haha. i mean its not like i havent been before... but w/e.

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[04 Nov 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | excited ]

well yesterday me and lindsay went to john's for a bit. then we went to my house and watched SM2 and then she came to dinner with us. that was fun. there were these hot guys there <333. lol. neways... 2day was the season premiere of THE OC I am so glad it is back <33. hehe. i cryed when marissa called ryan. i was like ahhh. :( lol. i am in love with him omg he is so hot and so is adam<3 the boys i <3 lol.

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[04 Nov 2004|03:20pm]
You can ask me three questions. Any three, no matter how personal, private, or random, I will answer them honestly. BUT, you must post this in your LJ to give your friends, including me, a chance to ask you 3 questions.

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